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Pizza Pan Set, 14 inch pans with Wheel Cutter

The versatile three-piece baking, serving, and cutting pizza pan set is the only pizza-making set you’ll need to bake restaurant-quality pizza creations for all your friends and family. Crafted using the finest quality non-toxic virgin aluminum, Crown's pizza pans are designed to ensure even cooking and a perfect crust every time.


All your pizza needs, with one click. Dockers, scrapers, rolling pins... and so much more to create an authentic pizza experience.

Ask Baker Mary...

How do I use your pizza pan?

Please grease your pan with vegetable oil or shortening prior to placing dough on the pan. Roll pizza dough on the counter before placing it on the pizza pan. Make sure grated cheese is placed on the dough, and NOT the pan. This will prevent sticking.

What temperature should I bake my pizza?

Please bake your pizza with the pizza pan in a preheated oven 400F-500F. Keep in mind pizzas with lots of toppings require extra cooking time. Its best to lower the temperature of your oven.

How do I make pizza dough?

Pizza is made with a fermented dough. It is made with flour, water, salt, and yeast. If you have these ingredients handy check out Baker Mary's famous pizza dough recipe on our Instagram.

Take a look inside our kitchen...

Choose Crown to bake your gourmet pizzas

Crown revolutionized the pizza making industry by creating the signature “Perfection Pizza Pan” a perforated pizza pan, which has since been universally copied establishing Crown as the leader. Crown continued to improve the pizza industry with the development of the “Pizza Genius Pizza Pan” a Commercial Black non-stick Pizza Pan made of steel aluminum and a commercial non-stick coating. It’s a professional premium pan that bakes pizza and anything else in the pizza oven.

Our Pizzaware Collection

Discover an authentic pizza experience with Crown. Enjoy crispy, thin crust pizzas exactly how you want it. Be your own pizzaiolo.

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Pizza Pan Set, 14 inch pans with Wheel Cutter

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