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Round Cake Pans

Celebrate your special moment with cake

Make it perfect with Crown

Round Cake Pans, 2 inch Deep

For flawless delicate thin cake layers

Round Cake pans, 3 inch Deep

Perfect straight sides for easy stacking

Round Cake Pans, 4 inch Deep

For higher cake layers, with a tender crust

Round Cake Pan Sets, 2 inch Deep

Efficient consistent layered cakes

Round Cake Pans Sets, 3 inch Deep

Heavy duty duo structure for efficient baking

SALE Crown Cheesecake Pans- Two Inch

For creamy rich effortless cheesecake

Ask Baker Mary!

I am a professional pastry chef with over 12 years of experience in European desserts .... Let me help your cake needs!
What cake pan size is needed to bake a standard cake mix?

A standard cake mix fills two round 8X2” cake pans, or a 9x13x2 rectangular pan.

What cake pans are needed to make a two tiered cake that serves 40 people?

You need two 8X3” round cake pans, and two 6x3” round cake pans to create a two tiered cake that serves 40.

I need to bake a cake that serves only two people! I hate wasted cake, what should I do?

A 4 inch cake easily serves 2 to 3 people. Try baking a cake mix in a 4X3” round or square cake pan.

Square and Rectangles Pans

Bake chocolate brownies, delicious sheet cakes, yeast sweet breads and fluffy, delicate angel food cakes.
Canadian Cake Pans

Bake beautiful cakes for any occasion whether you're a first-time baker or a pro. Crafted from heavy-gauge, non-toxic, pure virgin aluminum. Our round cake pans are available in four inch depth, 3 inch depth, 2 inch depth, and one inch depth. Only Crown offers cake pans in round, square, and rectangle in various depths & multiple diameters including; 8 inch pan, 6inch and 4inch. Bake happy, with professional results.

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