Stainless-Steel Hamburger Turner
Stainless-Steel Hamburger Turner
  • SKU: 917-34105

Stainless-Steel Hamburger Turner

Heavy-duty hamburger turner with stainless steel blade and wooden handle. Perfect for flipping meat patties and hamburgers on the grill, barbeque or flat top. Keep your hands away from the heat while flipping patties effortlessly.

This baking accessory is not made in Canada. However, we have been taking utmost care to source from reputable suppliers.

    • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION-Stainless-steel blade 6" x 4" that allows you to flip hamburgers and patties easier. The length of the handle allows you to flip meat or poultry with indirect contact of heat.
    • PROFESIONAL QUALITY- 5" Wooden handle 
    • EFFECIENT-The width of the paddle allows you to flip the entire hamburger patty in just ONE flip, without jeopardizing the structure of the patty.

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