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Gift bundles for baker enthusiasts from Crown Cookware. Crown Cookware products with bakeware accessories that is perfect to give to your special someone who loves to bake or cook. 

Gift sets for every special occasion, including Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day etc.

Gift Sets (10)

Cake Lover's Holiday Gift Set


Holiday Housewarming Gift Set


Perfect Holiday Baking Gift Set


Round Cake Pan Sets, 2 inch Deep

Efficient consistent layered cakes

Round Cake Pans Sets, 3 inch Deep

Heavy duty duo structure for efficient baking

Layer Cake Pan Sets, 1" Deep


Pizza Pan Set, 14 inch pans with Wheel Cutter


3" Deep Square Cake Pan Set

Includes 6", 8", 10" in set

Cake Pan Set, 6, 8, 10, 12" by 2" Deep

Multiple dimensions for cake designs

Cake Pan Set, 6, 8, 10, 12" by 3" Deep

Precisely built for creating tier cakes