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Canadian made extensive range of cake pans in all shapes and sizes, baking & cookie sheets, cake rings & baking accessories made of pure food-grade aluminum.

Bakeware (16)

Round Cake pans, 3 inch Deep

Perfect straight sides for easy stacking

Round Cake Pans, 2 inch Deep

For flawless delicate thin cake layers

Rectangle Cake Pans

Square Cake Pans

Round Cake Pans Sets, 3 inch Deep

Heavy duty duo structure for efficient baking

Round Cake Pans, 4 inch Deep

For higher cake layers, with a tender crust

Round Cake Pan Sets, 2 inch Deep

Efficient consistent layered cakes

Two-Thirds Baking Sheet, 15 x 21 inch

Pudding Cake Pan

Easy serving due to shallow slanted sides

Toaster Oven Tray, 6" x 10"

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